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โปรโมชั่น สูตร รู เล็ ต รวย รวย

To achieve their goals in football and life

Kicking goals


Kicking goals


The Sydney Swans Foundation exists to engage and inspire everyone in our community to achieve their goals – in football and in life.

The Foundation aims to strengthen the connection between the Swans and the wider community through the delivery of programs and support from the grassroots up.

Building bright futures,

with and for our community


Hours in schools

promoting an active lifestyle to our kids.


Hours at children’s hospitals

bringing hope and happiness to sick children.


Donations made

supporting charities and organisations.


Hours at junior clubs

to assist with development of junior football in New South Wales.


Dollars raised for community causes

to benefit and contribute to our charity partners.


Swans friendly clubs

to support the growth of the game at a junior level.

Promoting a happy,
healthy and active lifestyle.

The Sydney Swans undertake a number of key initiatives within the community to promote a healthy lifestyle including the Volkswagen Swansfit program which currently runs in schools across NSW.

Every donor has

Their reason

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